Samsarana is musical journey created by Barry Weinberg which spans from

the moment of the Big Bang to the Spiritual Awakening of Man.  Crossing the

boundaries of Progressive Rock, Folk, Blues, Heavy Metal, Jazz and Orchestral

music, Samsarana is a concept album written as a novel with each song a chapter

in the story.  This musical novel is about Polarity…Life and Death, Light and

Dark, Good and Evil, Disillusionment and Enlightment.  It tells a powerful

human story of life’s challenges, redemption and self-actualization that all

listeners will relate to and be inspired by.  


Samsarana is a Sanskrit word that literally means „The Wandering“, referring to

the endless cycles of Birth, Life, Death, Birth, Life, Death,

ad infinitum – This Vicious Circle.

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Two years ago, we lost our cousin, Ayla. It was a a shock to our family and she has been greatly missed. Her mother, my cousin, Fran Gage, has taken initiatives to prevent suicide in young people by creating a non-for-Profit foundation, "Suicide Resistance - Solidarity with Ayla."


We decided between this week and Valentine's day to donate 10% of all sales of our new album, Samsarana, as well as my books, to this foundation.


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